Recommended Routers List

Router/Firewall Approximate Price Recommended Number of Phones Dual Band Wifi QoS VPN VLANs Ethernet Ports Data Storage WAN load balancing SPI Firewall IPS/IDS Content Filtering Telnet & SSH CLI IPv6 Support
Buffalo DD-WRT Series ~$80+ 1 to 25 phones check check check check WAN
1x gigabit

4x gigabit

 1 x 
USB 2.0

1 x
USB 3.0

x check x x check check
ZyXEL ZyWall USG Series ~$150 20 or more phones check check check check WAN
1x gigabit

4x gigabit

 1 x 
USB 3.0

check check Limited.

Higher end
models only.
check check check
New SonicWalls

Known As SonicOS Enhanced.

~$300+ 20 or more phones check check check check 6x gigabit
switch ports

1x console

 2 x
USB 3.0

1 x
SD Card

check check check check check check
Cisco Meraki Cloud Routers ~$300+*
This router requires a Cisco service contract
20 or more phones


(Model dependent)

check check check WAN
1x gigabit

4x gigabit

1 × USB 2.0

(for 3G/4G failover)


(Model dependent)

check check check check check

Critically important information for all devices.

The routers above are recommended because they have:

  • A long track record of success with many customers that own these devices that we have worked with extensively.
  • Bandwidth Management/Rate Control, which is an important feature to have when using a VoIP system.  It's effective at ensuring excellent call quality and effective at resolving call quality problems in many cases.
  • Some necessary configuration changes, as is the case with all routers, but they work well after the changes are made.

Feature comparisons are based on the following models:

  1. AirStation N600 DD-WRT Router WZR-600DHP
  2. ZyXEL USG20W
  3. SonicWall TZ215
  4. Cisco Meraki Z1 Cloud Managed Router
  • voice, cloud
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